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Google Sitemaps 在线创建——在线创建 Google Sitemaps 网站地图文件
Webmaster Toolbox——可查询某个站点的Google Pagerank、Alexa世界排名、中国网站排名,以及在几大主要搜索引擎中的收录反向链接的情况。

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Trader Monthly is a lifestyle magazine for financial traders founded by Magnus Greaves, edited by Randall Lane, and chaired by Jim Dunning under the company Doubledown Media. The target audience of Trader Monthly is the financial community with an average income at or exceeding U.S.$ 450,000 and/or net worth greater than U.S.$ 2 million. This includes traders who work at banks, hedge funds, exchange floors, prop trading companies, independent firms, private offices, insurance companies, asset management firms, energy firms, and other trading locales. Also served are traders of foreign exchange, derivatives, bonds, equities, futures, commodities, exchange traded funds, and others allied to the field. BPA Consumer Worldwide Audit:Trader Monthly, June 2006

The magazine has a BPA Worldwide-qualified circulation of 106,710 subscribers and

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