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About CodeWeavers

CodeWeavers’ mission is to make Linux and Mac OS X fully Windows compatible operating systems. We do this through the power of Wine, which powers all of our CrossOver products. The CrossOver products make it possible to run Windows programs on Mac OS X and Linux without needing a copy or license for Windows itself.

About Wine

Wine is an open-source reimplementation of the Win32 API for Unix-based operating systems. Wine allows Windows applications to be run without a Windows operating system license. CodeWeavers is the largest corporate sponsor of the Wine Project, and contributes all of its work to free Wine.

CodeWeavers’ site is getting crunched under the massive demand for the free versions of CrossOver, so there is now a minimal site at that will accept your email address; you will be mailed your registration code in the next couple of days.

CodeWeavers is a company that sells a proprietary version of Wine called CrossOver, for running Windows applications on Mac OS X and Linux. The company was founded in 1996 as a consultancy, eventually moving entirely over to Wine development and support. The CrossOver version of Wine is regularly refreshed with the latest free Wine patches; likewise, patches from the company’s employees are sent back to the project almost immediately. This distinguishes the company from TransGaming, which develops a forked version of Wine called Cedega, and no longer returns contributions to free Wine. CodeWeavers is a major contributor to the Wine project, a free software / open-source software project that helps Windows applications run on different x86-based operating systems, and employs the project’s maintainer, Alexandre Julliard, as their CTO.

The Company’s products include CrossOver Pro Linux, CrossOver Pro Mac, CrossOver Games for Linux, and CrossOver Games for Mac. CrossOver Server was discontinued in 2007 as CrossOver Pro replaced its functionality. The company’s products have traditionally focused on making Microsoft software staples like Microsoft Office, MS Word, and MS Excel run on Linux. With the addition of CrossOver Pro Mac the company has also begun focusing on games and other applications not available natively on the Mac platform, such as MS Visio and MS Project. CrossOver Games was introduced in March 2008 and is intended to allow gaming-related patches from Wine to be incorporated into CrossOver much faster. The CrossOver Pro product line will focus on stability and in-depth testing with supported productivity software, such as Microsoft Office, and will have a slower release cycle.

CodeWeavers also provides implementation and consulting services around Wine and other open-source software projects. Google has paid CodeWeavers to improve support for Adobe Photoshop and add functionality to Wine.

CodeWeavers is also a founding member of the Desktop Linux Consortium.

Word from CodeWeavers execs is that the free license will be for a download-only flavor of the Pro version (!), including the Games optimized build and the option to share a Windows ‘bottle’ among multiple users on the same machine. You will have to choose either the Mac or Linux product for your free copy (and I’m looking forward to the stats on that split once the dust settles). Pro licenses are eligible for support/update renewals after one year for $35.
A number of commenters have pointed out that the original challenge rules said the giveaway day would be on the first of the month following the goal, meaning Nov. 1 instead of Oct. 28. CodeWeavers’ press release confirms that the giveaway day will be 10/28 and not 11/1. The giveaway runs from midnight to midnight CST.