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Process Certification is the highest level (Level 6) of process maturity in ACE. It signifies that a process is in control (stable, predictable, repeatable), that key process inputs are identified and controlled, and that the process is capable of producing products, services or results that meet customers’ expectations (numerical targets) 100% of the time. A certified process delivers results that are on target with minimal variation. Having all value streams certified assures customer satisfaction.
Process Certification, which rests on the principles of Statistical Process Control, follows a six-step procedure:
  1. Form Teams.
  2. Define the Process.
  3. Review and Assess the Process.
  4. Establish Control and Capability.
  5. Document the Control Plan.
  6. Certify the Process.
The above figure shows how this procedure relates to other approaches, including the DIVE Problem Solving Method of the ACE Operating System.

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